Stichting Let's Care

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Stichting Let’s Care

Let’s Care

The Let’s Care Foundation is established in January 2008 with the aim of realizing projects which create a better world for everybody.


Vision and Mission 

We assume that everyone has the ability to contribute to a prettier, new world. A world wherein everyone has the access to food, drinks, shelter, love, peace, safety and education. A world wherein this access is divided more equally over all residents. Besides that, we believe that it’s important to protect and care for our nature and environment as good as we can. So that the existence of our planet will not be endangered.

We believe that it’s possible to create a new and better world if everyone makes an effort. Everyone has the ability to contribute. On a smaller scale or a bigger one. To make an effort ourselves, we carry out projects that support our mission. Somewhere in the world where they need it the most. We want to make a call for everyone to help by supporting our projects or by performing your own initiatives. Our first project is the establishment of an orphanage for abused and mistreated children in the Philippines. We assume that more projects will follow.


Social Corporate Responsibility

You make us very happy, if you, as a company, want to support projects of Let’s Care.

You make us very happy, if you, as a company, want to support projects of Let’s Care. Next to the fact that financial support is tax-deductible, you will also give substance to corporate social responsibility. This is important for you as a conscious entrepreneur and gives a positive appearance to your employees and customers.

And of course what is the most important; with your support you contribute to a better, prettier world for everyone. And help the children in the Philippines gain a new life and a future.




Become a Sponsor

Do you want to support us and make a donation? You will make us very happy. You can donate in several ways.

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