Succesful eye care mission 2014

From November 2nd until November 13th, 2014, Belgian opticians have once again been visiting Let’s Care in Antique.

On this occasion, Wim, Christa, Kim and Caren had traveled (together with their knowledge and glasses) to children and adults who could not afford this eye care themselves. In total, 750 adults and children were helped. For us in The Netherlands, a pair of glasses is a normal thing to have, yet if you cannot normally afford this it becomes very special to suddenly be able to see again. We have visited various places. For two days we were in our neighborhood to help our (impoverished) neighbors. One day we were at the Antique National High School and have been helping children there. There are children there with bad eyesight who cannot keep up and because of this even have to drop out of school. By helping out like this, our Belgian friends can give many children a different future. The mother Jo Vinkers also joined the eye care team and has enjoyed helping out.

We have also visited those people we had previously helped during the typhoon to rebuild their houses and their lives. This was in Barangy Lisub in the municipality of Barbazza, and on the island Malalisson. It was nice to see them again. It gave us great satisfaction to once again be able to do something meaningful for them.

Besides the work, there was also time for the group to make excursions, something that had hardly been possible last year. All in all it was a nice time, in which we have managed to cheer up many people.

Many thanks to Wim, Christa, Caren and Kim, on behalf of all of the people from Antique that you’ve given eye care. Below are some pictures of the people we’ve helped. How simple it can be to make someone happy.

In 2013, a Belgian team had also gone on an ophthalmological expedition. On that trip, 1250 adults and children were helped with eye examinations and glasses.

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